The Burwell 4 Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameThe Burwell 4
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBurwell
End LocationBurwell
Cycle Steps
1. The Burwell 4 is made up between Burwell, Reach, Newmarket and Exening. This is a moderate to hard route. It a has miles and miles of off- road tracks and trails as well as country roads and B roads. There are some amazingly steep drops along Devils Dyke, but if you'r not into that, there are side ways to avoid these. There are three sections that require you to climb approx 20 steps up/down. Some parts are very technical but nothing to demanding. If your a keen Mountain biker or cross country rider this is a must.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Devils Dyke (Reach to Newmarket section), Rowley Mile race course, National horse racing museum, National Stud, July race course, Cycle shop in Newmarket, more than 2 Pubs on route, Panoramic veiws of country side beauty, many conveinence stores for refreshments etc, and lots more.