Kilsyth to Stirling University Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameKilsyth to Stirling University
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationKilsyth Swimming Baths
End LocationStirling University
Cycle Steps
1. Head right onto Stirling road crossing straight over the roundabout just infront of you.
2. Cycle for 1/4 mile and take a side road left on to the Tak-ma-Doon road.
3. This is a fairly tough climb, roughly 2 miles all up hill, but it is a lovely route and from the car park at the top, on a clear day you can see the Forth rail bridge.
4. Cycle to the top, have a rest and then race down the other side. Keep cycling until you come to some houses and then a cross roads.
5. Go straight on at the cross roads. Stay on this road and keep going straight until you come to a t-junction about 5 miles on, turn right here.
6. Cycle for another mile until you come to another T-Junction. Turn left here on to New Line Road.
7. Cycle for another 2 miles and arrive in Stirling. You will come to a T-Junction just after crossing the motorway. Turn right here and then first left on to Glasgow road.
8. Glasgow road can be quite busy so stay on it for half a mile and then cross over and take the side road right into Maitland Crescent.
9. This is the only way to really avoid the busy road, and that involves going round the houses. Follow Maitland Crescent road and turn left on Hills Street.
10. At the end of Hills St turn right then first left onto Broom Road. Follow Brooms Road all the way round to the roundabout and take the right exit on to Pike road.
11. Take the immediate first left on to Millhall Road. Follow that until you arrive at the T-Junction, then turn right onto the main road, and then left at the roundabout.
12. Cycle straight for another 2 miles going straight over the first roundabout but left at the second on to the A907.
13. Stay on this road for another 2 miles and then the university is on your right just as you come to a little climb. There is beautiful trees on the right with a running stone wall just before if I remember rightly.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Stirling University, Tak-Ma-Doon road. Forth road bridge(on a clear day)