Littledown Loop via Winton and Christchurch Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameLittledown Loop via Winton and Christchurch
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationRegent Drive, Littledown
End LocationRegent Drive, Littledown
Cycle Steps
1. This happened randomly - I had to drop a DVD off in Winton, Bournemouth, and had planned to meet a work colleague at St Catherines Hill, Christchurch for a mountain bike ride on the tracks of the hill. So this weird but interesting loop was born. It's a mix of urban and off road, definately one for the mountain bike. Don't go at night, you WILL come off either on the golf course, or St Catherines Hill! In order, right near the beginning you ride over the Christchurch Golf Club at Queens Park, having crossed the subway. That's a great downhill dash. Then it's hilly through charminster and winton, although you can coast pretty much from Brassey Road all the way down Winborne Road to Muscliff Lane. Then it goes rural again for the second half of Muscliff Lane. Parsons and Sons Flour Mill at Throop is picturesque (no family relation that I know of!), then over the weir, also beautiful. Pig Shoot Lane is a seemingly neverending flat grind. Once onto Christchurch Road, take care as this is the 'heavy traffic' part of the route, all the way to Fairmile and the foot of St Catherines hill. Ride about all over the hill at will, you could spend a whole day there no problems! Then fairly flat back down The Grove, over the bridge on Barrack Road and up through Chaseside back to Littledown.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Christchurch Golf Club, Parsons and Sons Flour Mill