Nottingham to Derby Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameNottingham to Derby
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationNottingham
End LocationDerby
Cycle Steps
1. From Nottingham Market Square head WSW up Friar Lane. Turn left down Spaniel Row and carry on into St Nicholas Street. Turn right at the junction onto Castle Gate and cross Maid Marian Way at the Toucan crossing. Continue down Castle Gate to the end then turn left down Castle Road to the bottom. Turn right onto the cycle path on Castle Boulevard, follow it to the Toucan then cross over and continue to follow the cycle path Westwards down Castle Boulevard.
2. At Castle Bridge Road, turn left and take the cycle path under the bridge along the canal. Follow this to the end then turn right up Alderney Street then left down Grove Road. Go straight on under the bridge and down a narrow alleyway to the end then cross at the Toucan and turn right up Lenton Lane. There's a cycle path on the pavement, though you can ride the road. Turn left down Old Chls then right up Priory Street. Cross over at the toucan and turn left down Abbey Street.
3. After c. 50 yds, you will join cycle route 6 and can follow the signs for that from now on. At the end of Abbey Street, the Cycle path turns right and then crosses Clifton Boulevard via a Toucan to a central reservation, then agan over a toucan to the other side. Go straight on down City Road then left at the end down Greenfield Street. At the end here, turn right onto the cycle path on the pavement of Beeston Road. Follow this as it becomes University Boulevard for about a mile until you get to a toucan and an island. Cross the toucan and follow the cycle path left onto Queen's Road East
4. Follow the cycle path down Queen's Road East to Beacon Road, then turn left down there. Cross the Toucan to the other side, follow the path and turn right down to a mini-island. Turn left at the mini-island down Murden Way then right along the railway till Clarkson Drive. Turn left down the alleyway to Grace Avenue then follow it down Kingfisher Close then Waterloo Road. Take the Underpass under the bridge and turn right then left down Barton Street
5. You are now in Beeston. At the end of barton Street, turn right up Dovecote Lane then left along the cycle path on the pavement of Queen's Road West. Follow this for a mile or so then turn left down Meadow Lane. Follow this for a while and it become Long Lane. After around a mile, you reach a crossroads, go straight on into Barrat lane and follow that round to a junction with Nottingham Road. Turn left onto the cycle path on the pavement alongside Nottingham Road and follow it - it should lead you into a right turn across Nottingham Road into Ranson Road. There's an island almost straightaway, turn left down Swiney Way. Go straight on at the next island then turn 2nd left into Wynwood Road. Go left, right (Tarnwood Road) then right again (Kindlewood Drive) then straight on into an alleyway then ito Norfolk Avenue. Follow Norfolk Avenue round till you get to High Road, cross it at the Toucan and turn left.
6. Follow the cycle path along the pavement alongside Nottingham Road for c. 100 yds then cross at the Toucan and follow the cycle path down Nottingham Road. After c. 1/2 mile, turn left down Station Road. Follow Station Road to the end (note: you are now in Long Eaton) then go straight on into West Gate, then straight into Salisbury Street then finally straight on into Broad Street At the end of Broad Street, cross the Footbridge into West park
7. Follow the Cycle route 6 signs through the park. There's a totem pole type thing you pass that marks the mid-way part of the route. Stop here for a break, if you want.Exit the park into Parkside Avenue and turn left. Follow the road around to Wilsthorpe Road and turn right onto it. Turn left onto Derby Road (busy, but there's a pavement cycle path.) After going over the bridge over the M1, you have to cross the road to the other side - Take care, it's very busy - and continue on for a bit till the sign turns off to the right.
8. Note: I'm a bit unsure here, reconstruction the route from memory and maps. You turn right of Derby Road into Breeston, I think down Poplar Road, then I believe you follow that and turn left onto Longmoor Lane. Eventually, you come to a Bridleway and go down that. All of this is signed Cycle Route 6 and the upshot is to take you along the A6005 without going on it. After a while, though, the bridleway rejoins the A6005 and you turn right onto it and cycle c, 1/2 mile to Borrowash
9. Still a little hazy, you turn left off the A6005 I think down Newbold Avenue, follow it round and cross over a small bridge, turn left and cycle down the path and soon you join the (disused) Derby Canal which you follow for a few miles. You come out of here, turn left down Station Road and cross the road, go over the bridge and leave the road again on the right to enter a cycle path that follows the Derwent on your right.
10. And that's largely it. Follow the Derwent path for c. 7 miles and you're in Derby. Just before you get to Derby city centre, you cross the Derwent on a footbridge then turn left and follow the river till you come out on Derwent Street. Turn left onto Derwent Street, go straight on at the Island and the Assembly Rooms are on your right
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