Poole to Upton Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NamePoole to Upton Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationPoole Rail station, Vanguard Road, Poole
End LocationPoole Rail station, Vanguard Road, Poole
Cycle Steps
1. 1) Just outside the rail station there is a crossing to a cycle path, on the pavement of the A350. This will take all the way Upton Country Park. It is a stoney, muddy path from the entrance of the park to the Upton Country Park junction on the A350 (the park closes at dusk). From Lake Drive on the first time down Naiper Road it is best to go into satallite mode on the map and follow the stoney path around. 3) At the roundabout between Catalina Drive and Newfoundland Drive there is a subway to Poole Park
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Upton Country Park Wessex Gate retail park and Fleetsbridge (just off the Holes Bay roundabout, there is a sign on the grass outside Mcdonalds saying this) Poole Park, there are new exercise facilites along the route Hamworthy Lake and Lake beach Rockley Park Hamworthy Park Turlin Moor field