Carron Valley Mountain Bike Trail Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCarron Valley Mountain Bike Trail
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityCarron Valley
Start LocationForestry commision carpark
End Locationsame
Cycle Steps
1. Leaving the carpark head away from the main road up the hill and round to the left.
2. This will take you past the edge of the loch on to the forest road, bike trail.
3. The route although mainly forest road does have some purpose built mountain bike tracks in it, which are quite fun and if you go at night there is never usually any walkers either.
4. Cycle along the track for half a mile until you come to the second side road left, take it.
5. Cycle for another half mile and take the side road right, off to your left at this point should be a smaller path for bikes. Cycle along this.
6. Cycle for 0.2 miles and take a right shortly after crossing the river.
7. Unforunately this part of the forest has all been cleared now, but follow the track for another half mile.
8. At this point you will be close to what they call Kelpies Staircase (one of the main mountain bike tracks), turning right here and head along the cycle track.
9. Cycling along the track will eventually bring you back on to the main forest track route and back up to where you left the main track.
10. When you get to the beginning turn right this time and then first left. This will take you on to another specific mountain bike track.
11. Following the trail you will eventaully be led back onto the main forest road. Turn right at this point and follow the path back to the car park.
Landmarks/Sites to see?