Abertillery Loop via Nantyglo Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameAbertillery Loop via Nantyglo
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationMorley Road, Abertillery
End LocationMorley Road, Abertillery
Cycle Steps
1. Start off on the road at Morley Road where you could part your car, exit left at the top of the road on to Roseheyworth road and follow until the junction in Bournville. Turn Right through Bournville village for approx 1.5 miles. turn left on to A465 follow the cycle route to the roundabout in Brynmawr. Take the first exit off the roundabout and follow road around into winchestown. take fifth turning right off that road and immediatley take the right hand turn off the tarmac onto a gravel road and follow the path up over the golf course. This part of the course is quite technical with rocks as big as your fist and they are very loose. the path gets narrower and steeper as you accend. once on tor the path becomes a dirt track and is only about 0.5mtr wide but is quite easy. follow this for about 3 miles back down the valley towards Abertillery. once over the top of Abertillery you take a left and cut back down over to Old Blaina Road. This section of the course is the hardes with a Barb wire fence on your left hand side stopping you go down over the edge and the path only being 1 mtr wide with very loose chippings and boulders. once on Old blaina road if your still in one piece then turn right and complete approx 3/4 mile and turn down into the Abertillery park and peddle around the field taking a left out of the park and back up over the footbridge which you will have to walf as there is loads of steps. then back into Morley road.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
West Monmouthshire Golf Club