Colchester Station to Wivenhoe Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameColchester Station to Wivenhoe
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationColchester Railway Station, Colchester
End LocationWivenhoe Railway Station, Wivenhoe
Cycle Steps
1. This route is mostly off-road. There is about 1km on road in Mason Road and Haven Road, which both have moderately light retail/business traffic. Links to Essex University are clearly signposted; one goes via a bridge at the University Quays and the other over a level crossing (shut the gate after use). Leaving the station eastwards, keep to the rail side of the access road and use the bike/ped bridge into Petrolea Way. The path later dips to go beneath the railway line via a foot tunnel; it's a little bit narrow and claustrophobic, but OK, esp in daylight: The worst I've ever come across is youths sheltering from the rain. there's an exceptionally tight turn before entering Mason Road making this part of the route unsuitable for tandems. You may need to dismount and lift child trailers. Beware traffic near to Cowdray Avenue junction. After that, it is plain sailing through to Spurgeon Street where there is another stupid barrier over which trailers will need to be lifted. Clear then till Wivenhoe.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Leisure World, Cowdray Ave, is the town's swimming pool and leisure complex, including a bowling alley. Castle Park (just over the river) is worth a visit, along with the castle. Swings just before East Bay for children. Boats to look at opp university quays. River trail beautiful ... and finish off with a pint at Wivenhoe Quay.