Knebworth Circular via Whitwell Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameKnebworth Circular via Whitwell
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationPark Lane, Old Knebworth
End LocationPark Lane, Old Knebworth
Cycle Steps
1. Turning left into Park Lane, Old Knebworth cycle through the village, past the Lytton Arms on your left. At Nup End a fork in the road, take a right turn and follow until reaching the B656. This is a major junction and is hard to negotiate with young children (if undertake this route with youngsters my advice is to dismount, and take children across the road, then return for the bikes). Turn right onto the B656 and ride down the hill, just past the T-Rex (model dinosaur) on your right, take a left hand turning signposted footpath/bridlepath into woodland. Follow the way marked path either on foot or cycle through the woods eventually coming out onto a quiet lane. Take a left turn and the next right onto Three Houses Lane, follow this road all the way until reach the Codicote Road where you take a Right turn and enjoy the road almost all the way into Whitwell. Just past the Whitwell Village Sign on your right there is an old red bricked cottage- here take this right hand turn onto a Bridle Way. Ride or Walk up this Bridle Way, it is VERY Steep and bumpy (at least for bikes) and can be avoided (by continuing into Whitwell and taking the main B651 Up to St Pauls Walden and then a right hand turn onto Bullocks Hill, however this is a main road and again not ideal for young children) Eventually the Bridle Path levels out and the rest of the ride is relatively easy. Once on a level this path eventually becomes surfaced, follow this all the way until once again reach road. Take a right hand turn and follow this road all the way back to the woodland. From here ride/walk through the woods back to the T-Rex and return to Knebworth
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Lytton Arms, Old Knebworth Knebworth House and Country Park