Ongar Circular via Abbess Roding Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameOngar Circular via Abbess Roding
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationHigh St A128, Ongar
End LocationHigh St A128, Ongar
Cycle Steps
1. This route takes in some lovely coutryside. It's a little hilly but not too bad, especially if you have an E-Bike like me! I made it up when I decided to take in as many of the old churches near to where I live in an afternoon as I could.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
St Martin's Church, Ongar, Greensted Church (oldest wooden church in England), Blake Hall Station (once the least used station on the Tube network; now a private house), Bobbingworth Church, Moreton Church and pubs, Abbess Roding Church, Abbess Beauchamp Church (View only from School Lane or walk accross Field on Footpath to visit), Willingale Churches (2 old churches in one churchyard), Fyfield Church and pubs, Ongar pubs.