Wattisham to Hadleigh Via Stowmarket Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameWattisham to Hadleigh Via Stowmarket
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationWattisham Airfield, Lower Farm Rd, Wattisham
End LocationOxford Road, Hadleigh
Cycle Steps
1. This route captures some rather picturesque villages within the radius of Wattisham, the route itself is not arduous, with only a few assents which require a little more effort. One thing I must mention is on coming out of Needham Market you are directed to use a cycle path, I would advise against this, as once you have circum navigated the pot holes on the initial part, you should be aware of the glass and other items which will spoil your day. The roads generally are in good repair, a note should be made about the road surface on leaving Monks Eleigh, it was so smooth it is worth doing the route just for that patch of road.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Bike shop in Bildeston,