Ingram Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameIngram Loop
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityNewcastle Upon Tyne
Start LocationIngram
End LocationIngram
Cycle Steps
1. This route follows the Green Lane and Drove Road up to the hill fort, bears right across the hill and returns via the gully and duck pond, more hill forts and down the bridleway to Ingram Farm
Landmarks/Sites to see?
No eateries on route, although during the summer you can get some excellent Doddington's ice cream from the information centre. Visit ( to check it's open. At the duck pond you can wonder at the awe inspiring nature of the subgalcial meltwater gully as researched by Chapman et al. in the 1960's in their seminal works on fluvioglacial processes in the Cheviots, work undertaken under John Sharpe, to whom I am indebted for an appreciation of the Cheviot landscape. Lots of hill forts too.