Swanpool Circular via Goldenbank Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameSwanpool Circular via Goldenbank
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationEast Rise
End LocationEast Rise
Cycle Steps
1. Along a quiet road (east rise) up a hill towards Boslowick, continue up the hill right to the top along the road. Go over the crest and down the small slope before you join Bickland water road, follow this road along past Golden bank and turn left down Swanpool road. Follow this road past the lake, and up the hill on the other side, at the cross roads, turn left and continue to a roundabout, turn left again and continue to another roundabout, turn left of the round about then continue along the road for about 200m until a chip shop (nice chips) then turn left down Penmere hill and left again just after the bridge into East Rise.
Landmarks/Sites to see?