Hawkinge to Saltwood Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHawkinge to Saltwood Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationHawkinge
End LocationHawkinge
Cycle Steps
1. The route is best ridden in an anticlockwise direction. Past the Cat and Custard Pub, down into Etchinghill, straight across the crossroad. Follow the road up to the BT radio mast. Across the field and down the farmers tracks to the A20. Cross here over the M20 though the woods and down into Saltwood. Turn right at the castle though the farmyard. Follow the tracks up to Blackhouse hill. Pass the golf course to the Beachborough roundabout. Past Longport Police Station, turn left by the phone mast. Follow track that runs along the side of Eurotunnel. Up Castle Hill along Crete Road West. Left into Gibraltar Lane follow until you reach Elvington Lane right turn then right turn into Aerodrome Rd.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Cat Custard Pub, BT Mast, Saltwood Castle, Sene Valley Golf Club. Eurotunnel