East Kilbride to Whitelees Forest via Eaglesham Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameEast Kilbride to Whitelees Forest via Eaglesham
Cycle Route Location
Town/CityEast Kilbride
County/RegionSouth Lanarkshire
Start LocationWestwood Hill
End LocationAuldhouse Inn
Cycle Steps
1. Heading up Westwood hill turn right at the mini roundbout on to Lickprivick Road.
2. As you approach the roundabout after the shops on the left handside is a path that if followed will take you down and under the road and bring you out on Greenhills Road. Turn right onto Greenhills Road.
3. Go to the first round about and take a right passing Morrisons garage ahead.
4. After Morrisons take the first left off the roundabout and head up and over the hill and over the first roundabout.
5. At the next junction take the third exit heading right onto Glasdrum road.
6. Head along this road, miss the side road right for Jackton but take the next one to the right (Shields Road).
7. This road will take you all the way to Eaglesham. Stay on it until you come to a T-Junction, turn left onto Strathaven road.
8. About half a mile along the road forks, take the right branch, otherwise like me you will go about a mile and end up in someones farm :(
9. Stay on this road until you see a sign saying "No vehicle Access" to the Windfarms. Shortly after this sign there is a post on the left saying "Public Access to Forest".
10. Climb over the turnstyle and follow the path. Through a gate, and over one more turn style.
11. There are 2 paths now, I headed straight on up the hill. It is a tough climb to the top, but you know once you get there as you will see the weather station (golf ball).
12. At this point travel straight on down quite a fast section of forest track. Eventually the road will fork again, take the left branch.
13. This leads round to a little open quarry that had some interesting paths and possible jumps. At this point take the left route again.
14. Follow this path all the way to the end and you will see a gate to go around. This takes you on to Ardochrig Road.
15. Turn left on to this and head down the hill until you come to a T-Junction, turn left.
16. Take the 2nd right, just after the farm onto Cleughearn road and this leads you straight into Auldhouse.
17. The pub is on your right handside.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Whitelees forest, weather station.