Dunfermline to Edinburgh Commute Variation Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameDunfermline to Edinburgh Commute Variation
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationWilliam Street (A907)
End LocationSlateford Road (A70), Edinburgh
Cycle Steps
1. This route uses a back road, coming out of Dunfermline, to enter an industrial park outside of Rosyth. It then uses a small bit of off-road (grass can get muddy in winter) and a path/cycle route through sports fields. From there it is onto the Forth Bridge and taking the A8000 to the turn off for the Royal Elizabeth Yard (this tends to get icy in winter as it is not a Bus route, so gritter lorries tend not to make it a priority). From there, join the A90 then Mabury Road turning off to go through the housing thus avoiding the long tail back queues onto the A8.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Forth Bridge. There is a bike shop on Slateford Rd. in Edinburgh and for the Fife end there is a bike shop, albeit off the route slightly, in Inverkeithing.