Dunfermline to Culross Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameDunfermline to Culross
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationWilliam Street Car Park
End LocationCulross
Cycle Steps
1. Exit William Street Car park on to the West Fife cycle way.
2. The cycle way passes over Lundin road, at this point you can decide to go straight on carrying along the path or turn left on to Lundin Road. For this route carry straight on along the path.(See no.7)
3. Along the route you pass Dean Plantation(OS ref:NT 063882). I've never been in here but I have heard there is a few good mountain bike routes. You can access the forest via Lundin Road.
4. Carrying along the path there is another forest called Inzievar Wood. Once again a few paths in there but never been in.
5. Eventually you should cross over a Viaduct leading up to a small town called Blairhill. One mile after this leave the cycle path on to Elderpark Grove.
6. Follow Elderpark Grove south for about a mile and a half crossing the A985 and leading on to Gallows Loan, taking you into Culross town centre.
7. If you want to head back a slightly different way, leave Culross heading east on the main road Low Causeway.
8. When the road forks take the right branch to avoid being on the main road for too long.
9. This joins Main Street. Next you want to follow round the eastern edge of the lake on your right, the road to take is approximately 2 miles from Culross.
10. This road takes you down to Crombie point, and eventually to a T-Junction in which you turn right.
11. This takes you towards the Main Road, turn left and then first right into Muirside Lane once you get there.
12. At the end of Muirside road turn right on to Main Street.
13. Approx half a mile along you arrive in Crossford. Take the a left back on to Lundin road.
14. 1 mile up Lundin road you arrive back at where we crossed in step 2.
15. To treat this as one cycle, aim to stop for lunch or break at Culross. There are some nice pubs there.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Dean Plantation, Inziever Wood, Blairhall Viaduct, Crombie.