Bridport to Cerne Abbas Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameBridport to Cerne Abbas
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationDorchester Road (A35), Walditch
End LocationAcreman Street (A352), Cerne Abbas
Cycle Steps
1. Leave Walditch and get on to the A35 (or from Bridport get on to A35 heading for Dorchester) for a brief up and over to the first Askerswell turning on the left at Vinny Cross. Then follow signs to the Spyway and once there carry on to the top of Eggardon (quite a hefty climb but well worth the view once on top!) then carry on over the brow of Eggardon and take the second right to Wynford Eagle. At Wynford Eagle take the left at the junction to Maiden Newton. On approach to Maiden Newton simply follow the signs to it, as there are a few confusing little junctions. But just carry on to the middle of the village, avoiding the left to Chilfrome before the bridge. Once in the middle of the village there is a left with sign posts to the station and Cattistock, take this left noticing the tacky convenience store. Carry on through and out of the village ignoring all turn offs and you should hit a nice steep climb towards the main road. once at the A37 join and immediately signal right and turn onto the road sign posted 'Sydling St. Nicholas 1 1/2 miles' and 'Cerne Abbas 4 miles' remain on this road avoiding turn offs then splashing through a small ford (careful on racers) until you hit the main road through Cerne, slope across this junction in a diagonal fashion onto the road going into Cerne and after a likle bit u'll soon notice the 3 pubs, the tea room and the church. To find your way to see the giant ask a local or follow the signs cus i cannee remember. Pretty random route but it is just a route I frequently take and quite enjoy. It may be useful if you were staying in or around Bridport and u wished to take a scenic and shorter than main road cycle to see the man with the big willy on the hill, or to help start you off on a mostly country road route that joins the famous iron man route from Dorchester to Sherbourne.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Shops - Revolutions bike shop on the west side of Bridport half way to Symondsbury. Landmarks - Eggardon hill fort, Giant on the hill with the big willy, West Dorset in general!