Glasgow to Falkirk Wheel Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameGlasgow to Falkirk Wheel
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationSECC
End Location
Cycle Steps
1. Starting in Glasgow at Bell's Bridge head on to the Forth and Clyde canal path.
2. Heading along this canal path you will pass smaller towns such as Bishopbriggs, and then shortly after Cawder golf club.
3. Another few miles along, there is quite often canal boats situated here, just outside the Stables Pub, just as you cross under Kirkintilloch road.
4. Another 2 miles and you will come into Kirkintilloch town centre. At this point you have to come off the path briefly, cross a main road and down the other side to continue.
5. Continuing on the canal path for a further 4 miles you will eventually come into Kilsyth. There is few good challenges in Kilsyth too, especially the Tak-Ma-Doon road.
6. Continuing through Kilsyth on the canal path, for a further 7 miles you will eventually come to the Falkirk wheel. There is a restaurant here, so if you are turning around and going back it would be best to get something to eat at this point.
7. At this point you can continue on to Edinburgh, but there is another route for this.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Falkirk Wheel, Stables Pub, Cawder Golf Course, SECC, Kirkintilloch