Ely to Littleport Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameEly to Littleport Loop
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationPrickwillow Road
End LocationEly
Cycle Steps
1. I am completely new to cycling, and this is the first ride of a reasonable length that I have completed. It is not particularly testing, apart from the winds that more than compensate for lack of hills. From any starting point in Ely, cycle to Prickwillow Road. Cross 2 sets of railway lines at Queen Adelaide, and proceed to Prickwillow. Once through the village head out on Mile End Road through very flat farm lands, heading for A1101 (Mildenhall Road). At T junction turn left, heading for Littleport. Unless it has been moved, Ely Cathedral will be on your left. Upon reaching Littleport, the road rises at a roundabout. Take the left turn onto New River bank, then turn right and cross the bridge over the river into Victoria Street (At this point, for a shorter ride, you could carry straight on along Branch Bank which would lead directly back to Queen Adelaide - but look out for the headwind!). From Victoria Road, turn right onto City Road (bit of a one way system) then left onto the High Street. If my directions are correct, you should be at a crossroads with a set of traffic lights. Go straight across and join the Ely Road, which in turn becomes Lynn Road. There is some small ascent here, and again as you enter Chettisham. After Chettisham the road leads directly into Ely. As I say, not a particularly challenging ride, but one which brought me some pleasure, and the beginning of a new passion.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Ely Cathedral dominates the skyline, and makes for a welcome aiming point for the return leg. Prickwillow Drainage Engine Museum