Calvert A41 Circular via Kingswood and Blackthorn Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameCalvert A41 Circular via Kingswood and Blackthorn
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationCalvert
End LocationCalvert
Cycle Steps
1. Calvert to Edgecott, then to Grendon underwood. through Grendon to Kingswood A41. Across A41 to Wotton Underwood. Turn right at t junction then right again at next t junction and cycle to LUGGERSHALL. from there to Piddington then to the B4011. Turn right on the 4011 then cycle for about a mile before turning into the village of Blackthorn. From Blackthorn to the A41, cross the 41 then cycle to Marsh Gibbonn From Marsh head towards Twyford. From twyford onto Steeple then back towards Calvert.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Views of Wotton House, Grebe Lake