Portsmouth to Chichester Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NamePortsmouth to Chichester
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationPortsmouth, Baffins
End LocationChichester
Cycle Steps
1. Head through the airport estate onto the Eastern Road out of Portsmouth. Take the path through Farlington Marshes to Broadmarsh - the pavement/cycle path is now complete all the way to Xyratex. Turn left at the roundabout over the motorway bridge and turn right at the next roundabout to go past Tesco. At the end, turn left onto the main road through Havant. I normally go through the pedestrian precinct which is empty when I go through after work, but there is a road way round the precinct to the church and onto the A259 towards Emsworth. Stay on the main road, through the traffic lights and past the One Stop. Take the left turn just before the roundabout onto the dual carriageway and go straight ahead - not down Castle Street - and this leads to an underpass back to the A259. Stay on the A259 through Emsworth, over the roundabout and on to Southbourne, Nutbourne, Bosham and Fishbourne. At Fishbourne there's a cycle/footpath at the sharp right turn before the dual carriageway roundabout - follow this for a few metres to reach a gated pedestrian level crossing over the railway. Cross the tracks (as long as the lights are green!) and follow the road into Chichester town centre (go straight over the two roundabouts). Lock up and go for lunch.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
There's a bikeshop near Fishbourne, some great pubs and a nice stretch of fast road.