Stonehouse - Glassford Loop Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameStonehouse - Glassford Loop
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionSouth Lanarkshire
Start LocationStonehouse
End LocationStonehouse
Cycle Steps
1. A wee run out through Stonehouse, Glassford, Larkhall and back. As you leave Stonehouse towards Larkhall, the first downhill stretch is in awful condition. Usual South Lanarkshire potholes. It's also beside Stonehouse park and is usually wet and covered in leafs. Once over the wee bridge, there's a fair climb of around a mile. From there it's mostly a gentle downhill into Larkhall. Although, it's pretty steep under the old Viaduct. Turn sharp left at the bottom and there's a monster climb up past woodfoot stables and then a more gentle climb up into Glassford. Take 3rd exit at the roundabout and head for Strathaven, still climbing, but it's getting easier now. Once you hit Strathaven, it's a nice long downhill stretch along the A71 (Can have some busy traffic at times) and then a climb back into Stonehouse. Having written all this down, it may be easier to do it backwards. ;-)
Landmarks/Sites to see?