Strathaven to Dungavel Forest Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameStrathaven to Dungavel Forest
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionSouth Lanarkshire
Start LocationCommon Green
End LocationDungavel Forest
Cycle Steps
1. Leave the Common Green using Main Street.
2. Turn right on to Kirk Street.
3. Travel along Kirk Street going straight over the roundabout.
4. Turn Left on to Muir park road just beside the new housing estate.
5. Stay on Muirpark Road for 6 or 7 miles until you can see a dense forest on your left.
6. Shortly after meeting the edge of the forest, there is an opening on your left. Enter this.
7. This will take you onto a forest path. Travel along this for 3 miles until you arrive at the top.
8. There is a great down hill for mountain bikes, so if you've got some guts ride as fast as you can.
9. At the end you will come out on to a road, just by a bridge.
10. If you turn right, this road will lead you back to the entrance of the forest, passing by Dungavel Detention Centre.
11. Just before the entrance to Dungavel detention centre there is a side road left that can take you to a moto cross track, where there are big moto cross events usually once a year.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Dungavel detention centre, Dungavel forest.