Nailsea To Pill Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameNailsea To Pill
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationNailsea Park
End LocationPill, the pub
Cycle Steps
1. 1) Start in Nailsea Park, after gathering vital supplies form Tesco :) 2) Head out of the town down Lodge Lane and follow the road until u meet the railway bridge and the cycle path on its left. 3) Follow the cycle path to Flax Bourton. 4) Travel along the Old Weston Road into Long Ashton 5) Ride through Long Ashton right to the end of the main road where you come across the main entrance to the Long Ashton Estate. 6) Ride into the estate and up the hill passing the main house 7) Ride down the opposite side of the hill past the University Buildings on your right and exit the estate. 8) Take a left and follow the main road past the cricket club. 9) Look out for a pathway (maybe hidden) which head towards the river Avon 10) follow the path round and cross the railway bridge with a bike ramp. 11) You end up in a open area overlooking the River. Take a left and follow the river cycle path all the way round to the outskirts of Pill 12) As you come towards the outskirts you will lose the railway and begin to lose the river. 13) Continue along the path until you reach a old fishing pond. Follow the road up the hill to the right of it. 14) Pass the hopistal and continue into the town. 15) Take a right after the cricket club and look out for the pub - the end stop (well, actually, midway point if you have to ride back XD )
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Long Ashton Estate Loads of Railways and trains going past Clifton suspension Bridge Disused police shooting ranges another train :) Loads of boats going along the River Avon Old Gunpowder storage house Smugglers Cove Two cricket clubs A Tescos at the start Old Victorian Pond And the EPIC Pub at the end