Harlow Church Circular Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameHarlow Church Circular
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationChurch Langley
End LocationChurch Langley
Cycle Steps
1. THe route include aride down to the roundabout at churchgate street off road at first but then on cycle route and road. Reverse route back to Newhall then all off road. Pass the mound (do what you will here) then right round the bridle ways that hug the permiter of church langley,. When you get to the t-juntion go left through the woods you will see a little post saying bridleway. after about 50 meters do a left up a little hill and then watch for the low branch go right up to the water tower carry on and you will hug the M11 which is over the fence. once you get to the common keep right over the common then you will come out at the path which cuts through C.langley.
Landmarks/Sites to see?