Ardrossan Harbour To Stewarton Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameArdrossan Harbour To Stewarton
Cycle Route Location
County/RegionNorth Ayrshire
Start LocationArdrossan Harbour
End LocationStewarton
Cycle Steps
1. Just getting out of the harbour is hard work as you are faced with quite a sharp hill but once that is conquered, the rest of the way out through Stevenson is fairly normal. The cycle is easy through to Kilwinning and only gets hard if the wind is not in your favour. A medium hill slaps you in the chops as you leave Kilwinning on the B778 but pans out nicely for most of the journey (again head wind may be a problem here). The B778 gets tougher with hills on the last 4 miles to Sewarton but if I can get up the hills then I'm sure you can!
Landmarks/Sites to see?