Portchester to Wickham Circular Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NamePortchester to Wickham Circular
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationCastle Street
End LocationPortchester
Cycle Steps
1. You can start this route anywhere on it, as it is circular. I live in Portchester so it starts and finishes there (near the Castle - well worth a visit BTW). The route has several climbs in it, with corresponding fast sections! You climb the Portsdown hill from the Fareham end then switchback down to Southwick Village, then onto Wickham Village (both very nice places to visit). From Wickham, the route takes you along a long downhill stretch to the village of Tichfield. From here it is a case of returning to Fareham and back to the start. In all it is about 24 miles and took me around 90 minutes (average of 16mph).
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Lots of places to visit en-route, such as Portchester Castle, Fort Nelson, Southwick Village (Brewery), Wickham, Tichfield and of course Fareham Town. Lots of cafe/pub opportunities on or near the route.