Kings Park to North Third Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameKings Park to North Third
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationKings Park
End LocationNorth Third Forest
Cycle Steps
1. Start of at Kings Park just off Dumbarton Road. (There actually used to be a mountain biking club that met here once a week, not sure if it's still on)
2. Travel along Kings Park road onto Park Place.
3. Travel along Park Place road and cross over the motorway.
4. When you come to a T-Junction take a right onto St Ninians road leading onto Touch Road.
5. Further along Touch road after leaving the housing estate take a left onto Quarry road.
6. This leads on to Old Drove Road.
7. From this road follow a path signposted to North Third forest.
8. This will lead up and to a information panel and around a large metal gate.
9. Following this track until you can go left following signs for Upper Quarry Path, which leads to the Fourth Quarry.
10. Leaving out the back of this Quarry will take you straight into the heart of North Third.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
Canbusbarron Quarry, North Third Forest, Kings Park, Craigend Limekilns