Dieppe To Montpelier Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameDieppe To Montpelier
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationDieppe
End LocationMontpelier
Cycle Steps
1. For my first real trip I planned to follow roughly Tom Vernon's route from "Fat Man on a Bicycle", though he went through to Montpelier. I had planned to as well, but a lack of any physical prep beforehand led to an injury.
Landmarks/Sites to see?
I didn't see a single bike shop anywhere. However I kept away from large towns, and was not sightseeing, I just wanted to go as far as possible every day. I arrived in Moulins on day 5 and jumped the train back to Dieppe via Paris the next day for Euros 68.00. All overnighting was on campsites found at last light. Prices varied from Euros 3.50-12 I recommend the site at Beaulieu sur Loire for its location.