Tumbarlem Via Bettws Cycle Route

Cycle Route Details
Route NameTumbarlem Via Bettws
Cycle Route Location
Start LocationBettws, Newport
End LocationTumbarlem Mountain (aka the pimple)
Cycle Steps
1. This route takes you from the Bettws housing estate to Tumbarlem mountain. The route follows a number of lanes with steep hills that you have to ride up and down. There is very little traffic on this route but be cautious when going into turns as i have had a broken arm from a head on collision with a van on a corner. Once on the mountain there are a number of off-road tracks and very steel hills. Once stood on the highest part of the mountain (The pimple. Bikes have to be pushed upto The Pimple as it is not sutibale to ride) The millenium stadium in cardiff can be seen, and the severn brigdes in chepstow. Much more can be seen but these are the main landmarks.
Landmarks/Sites to see?