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Lottery to fund new cycle network

happy 12 Dec 14:59  

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Anyone seen this on BBC today, basically lottery money will be used to create a new cycle network of paths up and down the countries.

New paths, bridges and routes through 79 towns will be created over the next 5 years.

Good news for cyclists.

bbc news link

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marcmcf 24 Jun 18:23  

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Very good news! I think there should be alot more cycle route.

pooliegirl 26 Jan 22:26  

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this is good news.

How can we get cars to stop parking in cycle lanes on town roads.

What is the point of having cycle lanes if you cant ride your bike in them????

jou-melon 03 Feb 14:50  

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Hi, this is great news!!!!! Do you know when they will be making the new paths?????

Zoof 03 Feb 16:58  

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A scheme to build a national network of cycle and walking routes
has won a £50m lottery grant.
Sustrans: (Connect2) a sustainable transport charity
plans to spend £140m over the next five years
Sustrans CEO and founder John Grimshaw said:
"The hard work starts now to build those bridges,
tunnels, crossings and networks of paths."

Warning: some trails published by Sustrans on the web, and printed on O S maps
do not exist on the ground: this is the reality on the trail at the moment.
If a cliff was not marked, and a walker fell over, all hell would ensue.
A cyclist having to take an unexpected busy road, and gets killed
it's deemed as his own fault!
This is criminal incompetence, a top management problem!
What I say to them, is,,,,,, best not say
With these people are organizing this, “it will all end in a bad way”

BusterG 23 Apr 08:31  

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My problem with some of the routes is that they are taking existing bridleways and good off-road routes and turning them into surfaced highways when there is no real reason to.
Take the shipwrights way in hampshire they intend to surface existing routes that I use but wont be adding any carparks of or infrastructure to attract people to the route.
Obviously cycle routes in urban area to make cycling safer is a great idea and I will support that, but too often cycle routes tend to end just where cyclists need them most.

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Provene 30 Jun 10:06  

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As both a horse rider and a cyclist I am NOT in favour of surfacing bridleways. Horses need exercise at paces above a trot, which can't be done on hard surfaces, it ruins their legs. As a cyclist I accept that the bridleway is predominantly for the horse and will give way to them, I don't expect to be presented with a good surface on a bridleway. I do however expect a good surface on a designated cycle route on or near a road.

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dudley 30 Jun 14:39  

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new cycleways are to be applauded, however there are hundreds of miles of existing cycleway - put in at great expense, that are barely useable, because there has been no maintenance.

Adding to the network without solving the maintenance of the existing network is a recipe for disaster.

Many Councils think that a cycle route is a safe place for parking cars, all in-road services, tree roots, broken gulleys, grit, broken glass and general detritus leading to further deterioration etc. Often as not, basically a waste of white and red paint.

I could cycle about 70% of my daily commute to work on a cycle path.
In reality, i use around 10%, and that is only on a stretch where there is no other option.

Even with 'side of the road' cycle demarcation, i ride in the standard carriageway.
It is faster, easier, and safer.
On cycle paths, it takes around 55 minutes
by road, it takes 43 minutes

good luck to the new routes and a sustained future!

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MadGutts 30 Jun 15:21  

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Im all for new cycleways and extending the network! but we need cyclepaths in areas that have none too!

I live in witney in oxfordshire and we have some great cycle paths... but not all are too clever as you can cycle down them then they end... no idea wher you are supposed to cycle.. just ends!

There is a great cycleway from the outskirts of town to a roundabout about a mile from the town centre where the path ends at a road crossing, but doesn't continue on the path the other side, and doesn't continue up the hill from the roundabout - so most people cycle on the path and get abused... So where exactly are cyclists supposed to go from this point to get into town? if you use the road, you will get drivers cutting TOO close to you as the road is not wide enough for 2 vehicles and a cyclist. but the path is wide enough in places for many cyclists and people walking, in wheelchairs etc... and to top this off, there is a new development of shops in the middle of town, with an area to lock bikes up at each end... but no way to get to them!

Rant over, but we definatly need local councils to actualy look at the cycle network in there area and decide by asking cyclists where paths would be helpful and therefore, actually get used!

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dudley 30 Jun 16:27  

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if you are cycling on a road too narrow for two cars and a cyclist, then cycle further out into the carriageway.
This is perfectly reasonable, and is safer, in my opinion.
Cars have to wait until safe to pass you, rather than taking a flyer and leaving you in the gutter.

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mr.mole 30 Jun 22:35  

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Darlington which is not far from me has been adding alot of really good cycle paths in over the last year and they are really good, but they have a mixture of on road and off road paths.

the only ones i dont like are the cycle paths that are on the side of the pavment, you have to stop everytime you come to a road, and so i dont use them I just use the road, waste of money they are.

And i well agree with you there dudley, I always take up more room on smaller roads so cars give me more room. Its the bloody buses I hate, they always drive too close or cut u up all the time. I feel like starting a war with them. lol

faastmoto 04 Apr 18:42  

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Awesome and nice news. Thanks for sharing


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