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cycling distance with hybrid bikes

Butcherf 27 Jul 21:27  

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I live in Quainton, Bucks. I dont drive and rely either on terribly infrequent buses to get me to Aylesbury, or cycling using my hybrid bike. I've stumbled across the enjoyment of cycling out of necessity really. It is my only alternative to the bus. Anyway, as a novice I was wondering if my hybrid bike is considered good for going on fun rides of greater distances around local villages? I cycle 16 mile round trips into Aylesbury with relative ease. I often see people on specialist road bikes (in fact i see that quainton is often used as a stopping point by cyclists) but don't have the money to spend on one of those special bikes. SO, guess my main question is, are hybrid bikes any good for doing routes of say 40 mile round trips were I to cycle for enjoyment slightly further afield than Aylesbury? Some of the villages around here have sort of dirt tracks which my bike seems to cope with. Also it looks nice seeing other cyclists together but I only see people with specialist road bikes rather than hybrid bikes......
Best wishes,

jonsea 28 Jul 12:39  

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Well Butcherf....i have never owned a road bike so i have nothing to compare my Hybrid too , but , i have ridden in the U K , France , Spain and Morocco ,on tarmac , gravel tracks and along muddy grass tracks . I could not have had same enjoyment or adventure on a road bike , so for me i would not change my bike . One thing i did do however was to change the tyres to something with a less pronounced tread pattern which made it smoother on tarmac .


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Baldybeancounter 21 Aug 10:58  

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Hi Fliss. Would agree with John, that a hybrid is a perfectly capable bike for doing the miles on (A friend of mine does cycling breaks on his), and a couple of the posted cycle routes here in Berkshire send you down tracks I would not be comfortable doing on a road bike. With regard to group cycling, have you looked at the HSBC supported let's ride website, for any events near you? These seem to cater for mixed types of bike and ability. Hope it goes well. Nick

hari11 21 Aug 21:15  

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Hi Fliss
A hybrid is a great way of getting out and about without taking cycling too seriously.
I agree with John as well.
however if you did want to look at a road bike i got my first road bike from ebay for £120.- there are plenty of good second hand bikes out there for not much money...
if you were concerned about the tyres however you can buy bikes known as cyclocross bikes. These are similar to road bikes only the have bigger and more versatile tyres - perfect for dirt tracks or the road...

hope this helps - hari.

kenda27 27 Oct 18:27  

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Hi Fliss
Just wondering if you were the lady that joined our cycle ride on Thursday (26th). You were interested in possibly joining a club fairly local to Quainton and I have a suggestion. Unfortunately I didn't take any contact details for you and so don't have any obvious way to get in touch. If you are not the Fliss we met, please ignore this note.


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