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dar1984 07 Dec 18:58  

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Hi I'm only new to cycling I do alot of running but wanted to try something new. I bought a trek road bike. I'm just looking for a bit of advice on how to get started what gears to be in and when to change what the best routes to get started what should I have with me and are proper cycling shoes better

Cymru69 07 Dec 23:20  

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Hi Dar1984
Check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuTaETsuCOkJ0H_GAztWt0Q there are some videos that may answer most of your questions.
I would guess you have a reasonable level of fitness, but I would still suggest you start off slowly and build the distances you cover gradually. Choose undulating circular routes of say ten miles and then up the distance/gradient as the muscles develop because you'll be using different ones from running.
Cycling shoes are going to be better than 'trainers' because the soles are much stiffer. As to what type, if you want to be able to walk about in them as well then I would say go for spd mtb shoes and pedals as opposed to true road pedals and shoes. Also some types of road pedals don't have much float and require much more accurate setup.
Finally I would get a proper bike fit at your nearest local bike shop, as this should prevent injuries you can get from a poor riding position.

Hope this helps



BusterG 09 Dec 15:18  

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I cant disagree with Chris but will add (as nobody ever told me and they weren't in the instructionals I saw) when approaching a hill always change gears early.

The theory is that (a) chains under pressure dont change gear easily and (b) it takes at least half a pedal turn for the chain to move from 1 gear to the next. Finally (c) if you flick the gear the wrong way you can recover and turn it back the correct way before comming to an untidy standstill.

Have fun and keep those pedals turning.

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