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Sticky thread What do you have in your saddle bag? - Page 2

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mark1989 04 Jan 18:50  

Joined: 26 Oct 2009

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I've got a Ortlieb Mud Racer Small Saddle Bag from wiggle for just over £20, trying to work out what to fill it with.

guessing an innertube, small multitool, £10 incase I need a beer on route anytime and a cliff bar.

Any other good ideas?


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longbob 23 Jul 10:26  

Joined: 22 Jul 2010

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I have a rather small saddle bag but manage to squeeze in a spare tube, a set of patches, levers, co2 mini pump, multitool and the all important 10 / 20 quid note.

food i stick in my jersey with my phone.

i do actually need to get another for my mountain bike as all the bits in this one are for my road.

its always a toss up between weight and size for me...on my road bike i like to carry as little as possible but if i wasnt overly as worried i would probably carry more (chain tool, an extra tube etc)

darking 23 Jul 13:25  

Joined: 05 Nov 2009

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Allen Key set

10mm spanner

Tyre Weld

Ride2win 23 Jul 13:58  

Joined: 23 Jul 2010

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hello all.

am only new , but in my bag I have

Glueless patch
tyre levers
multi tool
co2 pump head.
bank card
cell phone

sometimes somthing to eat, a bar or gel.

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Pesmo 23 Jul 23:24  

Joined: 17 Jul 2010

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For Me;

Cycle Multitool
Normal Multitool with pliers (includes knife blade and cable cutter)
Small Screwdrivers x 2 (Multitool ones are often crap and awkward to use)
Medium adjustable spanner
Spare tube
Compact conventional pump
Chain link tool
puncture kit
Tyre Levers
6 inch section of old tyre so that I can pack it behind a torn sidewall should I hit a rock or similar.

Bike lock, Money, Phone, Keys, Drink, Carbohydrate, waterproof & a 'Buff'

Both of my bikes have this same kit in them as they are garaged in different places so it saves me moving it from bike to bike.

bloomp 26 Jul 14:03  

Joined: 14 Apr 2010

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After coming off recently and bending my wheel miles from home I recommend carrying a spoke key and learning how to use it - cracking piece of kit!

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Aurum 02 Aug 13:29  

Joined: 18 Jun 2010

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Just fitted a Topeak saddle bag this weekend. I have the usual spare tube, Levers, patch kit, multi-tool and box spanner....... but best of all, Peace of Mind. At least I now have a fighting chance of avoiding a long walk home.


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baggiesat8 27 Oct 15:17  

Joined: 16 Jun 2009

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I have a Specialized bag on my road bike which contains two tubes, tyre levers, CO2 pump and two cylinders, just about have room for keys and phone.
On my commuter I have a larger Topeak bag with two tubes, tyre levers, multitool.
I don't have one on my MTB as I always have my Deuter backpack on with 2 litre hydration system and plenty of room for tubes and tools.

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brumbear 07 Nov 22:29  

Joined: 07 Nov 2010

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.....Multi tool with tyre levers. Spare tube. Mini Blackburn pump. Mobile phone.

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Dal69 17 Jan 22:00  

Joined: 29 Oct 2010

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most definatley 2x tubes
puncture kit
small sockets
hi vis jacket
lenses for shades
base layer top
i agree £10 beer tokens
v small screwdriver

guitarpete247 14 Feb 19:44  

Joined: 14 Feb 2011

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Spare tube, tyre levers, multitool with chain tool, tyre levers, screwdriver. All in Pakit pouch I bought 15-20 years ago.

In jersey pocket: phone, money, bank card.

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ozzie51 13 Mar 22:16  

Joined: 24 Feb 2011

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2xspare tubes,
Tyre levers,
Glueless patches,
Co2 with 3 cylinders.
And in my shirt,
But on reading some of you are prepared for some serious repaires,
Anything more than a puncture I phone for a pickup.

guitarpete247 08 Apr 14:26  

Joined: 14 Feb 2011

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On road bike spare tube, glueless patches, multitool with chain tool, tyre levers + anything else I can squeeze in as not much room left. On MTB I have a lot more room so all the tools above, MTB tube, crank remover, spanner to fit, adjustable spanner.
I always remove bag if I stop anywhere together with the pump and lights if fitted.

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revkkah 18 Apr 17:45  

Joined: 18 Apr 2011

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today i had a lavendar plant, terracotta planter (with base!), and a 10 litre bag of compost. bring it!

mummy no car 20 Apr 21:09  

Joined: 20 Apr 2011

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nappies, baby food, spare sets of clothes for small people, teething gel...

nphisher 03 May 11:34  

Joined: 03 Feb 2011

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1x spare tube
Tyre Patches
Multi tool with tyre levers
£20 Beer token & Credit Card
House or Car Key

Food, iPhone & Waterproof shell jacket all go in my shirt.

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tazbikebiz 08 May 20:53  

Joined: 03 May 2011

Posts: 9


1 x Multitool
1 x Inner Tube
2 x Tyre Levers
Puncture Patch set
3 x CO2 16g Cylinders
1 x Rain Jacket

Plus in my rear pockets £10 note + 2 x £1 coins,Mobile phone,Couple of snack bars.

24Spokes 31 May 15:08  

Joined: 31 May 2011

Posts: 7


> Tire irons
> CO2 inflater
> Two CO2 cartridges
> Park Multitool
> Key chain type multi-tool with pliers for pulling thorns/radial tire steel shards out of my 700/23 tire
> Spare tube, sometimes two on a very long ride
> Patch kit (really a bit useless as the glue has to cure for > 6hrs to truly bond)
> Alcohol hand wipes; clean up hands after a flat repair; good for after a crash to clean up road rash
> Money
> ID card
> Baggie for cell phone
> Cell phone

I carry all but the last three items in a Specialized seat bag. The last three items I carry in a "bento box".

24Spokes 08 Jun 22:05  

Joined: 31 May 2011

Posts: 7


When I made my earlier post, I forgot to add that I have my ID in three different places:

1. My name and ICE info is written on the black foam inside my helmet with a silver Sharpie.
2. A card is in my "bento box" with my ICE info.
3. Most important regarding ID is my ankle RoadID. This velcro strap holds a stainless plate that has basic info on the one side with instructions to call or go online with the ID number and PIN on the other side of the plate. The ID number and PIN give the Emergency Service personnel access to my account where I have up to the minute medical and emergency information. For example; I am going to be visiting England this summer and will be doing a lot of bike riding. I will go on line and enter my host's contact information on the website. If the need arises, the Emergency personnel will be able to contact somebody who cares!! Hope I don't need it!! ;-) This is a subscription service that costs $20 for the id tag and the first year's subscription and $10 for each subsequent year. Very inexpensive insurance in my mind.

Here is the website for RoadID: http://www.roadid.com/Common/default.aspx

By the way, customer service is sudden and thorough.

No affiliation other than a very satisfied customer.

Ride Safe.

8pete 16 Jun 09:17  

Joined: 16 Jun 2011

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at the moment just some jelly babies :)

fillbee 20 Jun 18:19  

Joined: 03 Jun 2011

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Hi Mark
I have a multi tool kit, puncture repair kit, spanners and allen keys in a frame bag really not a saddle bag lol

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woodowl 20 Nov 01:15  

Joined: 12 Nov 2011

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Ive just bought a High Gear daysack (£10).
Superb rucksack,got loads of pockets inside for everything you could ever need.
Mine has.
Lezyne multi tool.
Dumbell spanner
2 spare tubes
Puncture repair kit (self adeshive patches as well, im a big fan of em ) .Small pair of binoculars (i"m a twitcher and proud of it)
In the winter i have a 1lt flask full of tea, cant beat a brew or soup while your out on a long ride.


fatmac 21 Jan 10:46  

Joined: 19 Jan 2012

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Don't use a saddle bag much these days.
I use seat packs/wedges.
Inside => tubes, levers, multitool, puncture kit, rag.
Outside => mini pump.

nikko64 22 Jan 11:53  

Joined: 02 Jan 2012

Posts: 7


spare tube
allen keys (no nuts on the bike)
latex gloves
hand wipes
puncture outfit
cable ties
energy bars
valve spanner
head torch
a few plasters
loose change

keep_fit 22 Jan 17:40  

Joined: 20 Sep 2009

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not got 1 as yet for the Apollo bike
only weight i have is 25k not sure what to get for it as yet any ideas
to be use for wild camping

spaceman 22 Jan 18:38  

Joined: 16 Nov 2010

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I have added a small pack of wet wipes and even a couple of pair of disposable gloves, really help when you have to do a repair and everything is wet an oily.

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Crazy tee 02 Jul 20:47  

Joined: 02 Jul 2012

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Tubes spanner Alan key puncher kit money

Space Man 11 Aug 20:54  

Joined: 10 Aug 2012

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I try to keep it as basic as possible for my daily commute:
Pedros tyre levers.
Self sealing patches (so don't need glue).
Mini tool.
Mini pump.
Latex gloves(not good getting covered in oil on my way to work).

edwade4041 13 Sep 10:17  

Joined: 12 Sep 2013

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I have always found it a good idea to carry my(ice) in case of
Emergency details on a piece of laminated card in my bag. Have it in your
Phone contacts as well, there are a couple of free
Apps you can you that do not require you to input a
Password to get access to it.

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woodfrey 17 Sep 12:50  

Joined: 17 Sep 2013

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Amongst the spare tube, puncture outfit and tools I always have a reasonably sized piece of rag or prefferably a piece of an old towel - ideal for messy hands or wiping seat/handlebars after it's been raining

BusterG 18 Sep 09:59  

Joined: 25 Feb 2010

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Good thread. I am surprised by the amount of kit some peeps carry, must be very fit.

Multi tool (with chain tool)
1 spare inner tube
small puncture repair kit
slimjim waterproof wallet
New addition** re-usable zip ties** for reseating tricky puncture resistant tyres.

Out: Snickers bars (maybe I am doing shorter routes these days but dont feel the need for energy hits any more)

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