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Wet Morning Blues

mark1989 31 Oct 10:40  

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After just over a month now since getting into cycling I had a plan of my biggest bike ride so far, only 30 miles but still, anyway. I woke up, opened the curtain and found that last night the heavens opened but however grey it looked it wasn’t raining now. So I peeled myself out of bed and off I set smilling to myself impressed with own will power.

After no more than 3 miles my entire back and bum where wet and after not much longer, their isn’t any other way of putting it I was starting to chaff. I then decided no one had the will power to put themselves through 25 miles of this, so turned around, headed home and got myself writting this as soon as I was dry.

Is the best way to right this just a decent mud guard and proper cycling shorts? (I am now wearing knee length gym shorts)


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happy 31 Oct 11:56  

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Hey mark1989,

Don't be hard on yourself, the fact that you made the effort and got out on the bike despite the conditions is enough to clear the conscience.

Certainly a mud guard should help. I've got a 10 year old crud catcher on mine which seems to do the trick.

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ArthurScrimshaw 31 Oct 12:04  

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Hi Mark

If you want to ride in wet weather I don't think there is any option but to buy mudguards. I fitted Crud guards to my mountain bike (front & rear) and it really improves matters although I still get a bit of front spray.
Once you've sorted out the rear guard you shouldn't get that problem. I recently bought a Endura luminite waterproof jacket and this has a extra long back which covers your rear and would stop water soaking you even without a rear mudguard, but I really don't want road muck making it filthy!
Of course if it's raining you're still going to get wet, I'm pondering what to do about keeping legs and feet dry. Waterproof trousers and shoes seem very expensive, don't think there's an option with the trousers but thinking about getting some overshoes as a cheaper alternative to waterproof shoes/boots.

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ChrisC 01 Nov 12:14  

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Mudguards! Big ones. I'm about to set off out now it's abated a bit. My dutch bike has full guards including coat guards, city bike really but keeps all the crud on the road where it belongs.

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RonnieG 01 Nov 14:30  

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Hi Mark

Yeah don't be too hard on yourself at least you went for it.

I went out yesterday too. It was dry when i left but started raining about 3 miles in ( i was inteding about 40 miles). I've got quite a nice cycling waterproof jacket bit know when it's saturated it will give in a little so i bought a cheap waterproof top and a pair of trousers. Stopped put them on. Ok so it gets a little warm but i carried on the rest of my ride.

Also get some glasses as they act as a windshield too. Cheap pair will do.

All in all i was able to complete my intended ride in the rain. Loved it really. Something about getting halfway. Getting off the bike and having a 5 minutes break with a little snack.

Also get the Crud catchers on ...front and rear. if not for you....the poor sod you may pass! ;-)

The only blight on my ride was my first real fall. (i've started another thread) in 2 years of cycling. Hurt!


RonnieG 01 Nov 14:32  

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Just an aside.....

Lke any sport...activity . Investing in some "correct" kit can enhance you enjoyent.
Get a pair of long cycling trousers and some water prrofs. It's a long winter ahead!

jimwoo25 03 Nov 22:46  

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Hi Mark,

Well done on the will power side of things! I have the same problem when i ride to work but my will power is made easier by the fact that i am saving money on petrol!

Have a look in your local lidl or aldi stores. They always seem to have offers on bike clothing. I got a pair of cycling glasses with clear/yellow/black interchangeable lenses for about £3. They have loads of wet weather cycling tops/trousers for quite cheap too and good quality.

I never used to have any wet gear and it put me off a few times, so invest in some good gear and the rain won't bother you as much!

Keep it up mate!


benadlard 17 Nov 17:58  

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Defo don't be hard on yourself dude. Full credit to you.

I am a roadie that converted from MTBs, as a rule i don't go out if its raining but I will continue riding if it rains (as long as i have my rain jacket :)). I can't emphasise enough the importance of quality gear. The old cliche is true about you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

Not sure if its from my MTB days but I have no problem cleaning my road bike if it gets covered in crap, i guess its just another excuse to stay in the garage and not tackle the washing up!

Keep it up mate

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