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AndyK 03 Jun 15:12  

Joined: 29 Jan 2009

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Just thought i'd start a thread to see what novel ways people have found to refill thier water bottles on long rides. I have two bottle cages on my bike but still find myself running on empty at the latter stages of a long ride. I have been known to ask kindly pub landlords, fill up from springs and even use water from the air and water machine at a garage (not so tasty that one).

So, any top tips?

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happy 03 Jun 15:14  

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Hi Andy,

Have you tried using a water hydration pack, like a Camel Back at all?


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AndyK 08 Jun 17:04  

Joined: 29 Jan 2009

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Hmm, that could be a good option on the mountain bike but i think it would get in the way of all the other bits and bobs i carry round in the back pocket of my jersy... how much water do they hold?

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STID 09 Jun 08:12  

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I bought a camel back while in the States due to the ridiculously overpriced versions over here and got an absolute bargain.The Alpine Flume holds 2 litres of water, and has loads of zipped pockets to hold all I need for a long cycle.

If you feel that is not enough you can still take a water bottle with you too.

Check the internet, you could still buy one cheaper from the States including shipping. If you know anyone in the States then get them to send you one.

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asleep_by_the_road 29 Jun 17:25  

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In the past when running low, I've popped into shops and bought a small snack, then asked if they would mind refilling my bottle. One one occassion, when I had left without any cash. I went into a shop, complemented them on how lovely their village was, and then asked to have my bottle filled. Bit of sugar never hurts:)

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dudley 30 Jun 14:31  

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most filling stations have an outside tap...

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cinammongirl 31 Jul 13:03  

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i would also mirror the other comments on using a hydration pack, like cammelpak.
You can always wear them under your backpack, they are not that uncomfortable, plus, you could always freeze them over night, which would not only provide you with extra water, but also regulate your temp during the really hot days of the summer months..

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Shortbusdriver1969 27 Sep 16:41  

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I take about 3 lts of juice with me one sits on the bike over two on my
dirt monkey belt pack. I use dilute to taste tescos orange and in some case's I use the halfrauds re-hydration powered ( orange flavour )
I would not use water from a pertol station's pipe as for use in a car as the water sits in the pipe for many many days / weeks and is not too healthy for you,
If you do run out of water. why not just make sure you have money to buy some form of juice or powerade drinks ?

Demon 27 Sep 18:23  

Joined: 23 Aug 2009

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If I've been out without any money, I've stopped at farm houses or country cottages and asked the occupants if they wouldn't mind filling my bottles with water for me. Most seem happy to help and I've never been refused.

I would be hesitant to use springs or garage forecourts though.

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tonythegreek 28 Sep 21:14  

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hi on warm days i find that a two litre bottle fits just nice into both my bottle cages mind you for those weight concious cyclists it might be heavy
not sure about springs and forecourts you might end up doing another type of spriny OOOHHHH NOOOO!!!

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