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Tips on what to eat/drink before and during a long ride ?

Dawlish cyclist 24 Jan 18:54  

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Hi! I'm training for a few 100 mile in a day charity rides this year . At the moment in getting in around 120 miles a week and I'm planning on keep stepping that up as the months go by . I'm fine up to 30 miles , but I've noticed that on rides 40/50 miles I really run out of energy towards the end . I was wondering if anyone has any tips to keep my energy levels up throughout my rides?

txbnet 24 Jan 20:12  

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Hi dc, some people swear by the energy tabs you can add to ordinary water such as SIS Go Hydro which do hit the mark and have a decent taste. But miles from anywhere if you are just about done in and you come across a small village shop you can always get a pint of skimmed milk and a lucozade sport, I find the combination of the two are fantastic at rehydrating and giving an immediate energy boost. I can get another forty miles after such a pitstop. And of course bananas are brilliant. Good luck with the charity ride.

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rustyspoke 24 Jan 20:20  

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Good luck with the ride

Well my prepartion for a big ride and i have done a few is
The day before eat a lot of carbs and drink plenty
Day of ride
Porridge for breakfast and a green tea
but it depends on what you like drink wise but do have a warm drink in colder weather.
I have this at least one hour before ride.

Take with you on the ride Malt Bread,energy bars or jels carry at least two bottles
you dont need energy drinks BUT you do need fluids ,if want energy drinks then thats up to you.
Nuts and rasins are good also i make my own rice pudding sachets (can be messy)

I can do a 50mile training ride whithout stoping, feeding on the move
but what i do may not suit you so its best to read what others say and try and find what suits you best.

Talk to a nutrition expert may be one at local gym


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