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Please Help ******

richie28 28 Nov 20:36  

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Hi Guys,

Just joined tonight, I am a keen runner and completed a 60 mile 10 hour challange this year, I am 24 and in May i plan on cycling from St Andrews to Madrid, Where can I find a route? Also any top tips as I plan on going alone, do I camp, Hotel? Also what is a realistic distance per day I was thinking 140 miles a day?

Any help would be great


annieslandmissile 28 Nov 22:30  

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wow sounds a like good trip!

Yeah 140 miles a day is quiet high but possible. I would probably do about 75m, maybe 80m tops myself. I reckon you could do it in about 3 to 4 weeks tops.

Yeah you could cycle down to plymouth and then get the Brittany ferry across and direct to Santander (24hr crossing) this way you would spend more mileage and time in the UK which might be easier if you ran into any difficulties rather than sailing across to France or Holland earlier and then going down them.

Yeah if you get a good set of panniers, some good camping basics i.e. tents, sleeping matress, bag, and carry some essential bike maintenance tools ie: punct repair kit, inner tubes, alloy keys, pumps etc and a few maps too.

Check out this website http://travellingtwo.com/ it will give you some good advice on touring.

You could a mixture of camping, hostel s or BB's. That way a come a BB it would seem like more of a luxury.

Planning is key but not too much as you want to have some flexibility to change things as you go!

Sounds good though, Good luck anyway!!


dudley 29 Nov 08:11  

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i'd rather avoid UK cycling, and get straight onto the continent, myself!
Don't think i'd skip France for a quick run into Madrid.

140 miles a day, 7 days a week is a big ask, but do-able. You sound pretty fit!
I'd sling in at least one complete rest day, or two short days, though.

I'd get the newhaven - Dieppe ferry, i think.

At 140 miles a day, you'll be newhaven in 3 1/2 days, to then get a nice fortnight on the continent.

Full camping, with panniers etc, which will require a sturdier touring bike over a lightweight road machine will slow you down, and make 140 miles a bit more of a challenge.

hostels / hotels make life easier, particularly if you are travelling off-season. You do not want to have to book 3 weeks worth ahead, as your plans may change. nasty weather of monster tailwinds could slow or speed you up, and you probably want a bit more freedom!

The lightest you can travel would be a road bike with a seat-post rack with 8kg bag on it.
This fits on most bikes, even carbon, and those without pannier rack eyes.
Be warned - it is a credit card, phone & one change of clothes affair!

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