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Looking after a bike in sea-side climate i.e. salt

karbaroni 27 May 16:51  

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I'm taking my bike to France and it will be outdoors quite a bit in the sea air. An older bike rusted to bits in a few weeks, what can I do to prevent this?
Any ideas appreciated.


bloomp 27 May 17:09  

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wash it with clean water then oil it thoroughly ?

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Magnitude 27 May 23:35  

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GT-85 is a good chain lube, my chain hasn't been this clean in years. Do avoid putting WD-40 anywhere near your bike as the stuff is a grime magnet. As bloomp said just give it a wash down and maybe put it under a cover during the night.

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dudley 28 May 10:02  

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an awful lot of the UK can be considered a marine climate too.
You can be a fair distance from the sea, and be affected by salty air.

rinse regularly in fresh water. The salt sticks, and then attracts more water, and causes the bike to stay constantly damp and in a corrosive medium.

after rinsing thoroughly, dry, and then thoroughly lube.
USe GT85 or similar. not just 'oil'

In 'normal' use, i thoroughly rinse, clean & lube my road bike fortnightly, but if i've been out in the wet, it'll always get hosed and lubed, if not cleaned down.

I suggest you give the bike a thorough clean weekly, and more often if there are strong sea breezes and sea fogs kicking about.

possibly use a lightweight bike cover?

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