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Do's anyone else want Cycle-route.com to make uploading routes more user friendly???

Mark Randlesome 30 May 03:20  

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More of a suggestion really ragther than a request.

I have added a few routes to cycle-route.com and find the site very useful for various aspects of cycling. Just a few things about uploading new routes bugs me and I am wondering if other uploaders feel the same?

First thing.... when adding the 'detailed route' I can't go back to my map route to check on Road names and landmarks etc. It would be great to be able to interchange between the two.

Second thing..... When i'm out cyling I sometimes combines smaller 20/30mile routes together making 50 or 60 miler routes. I want to share these routes on cycle-route.com, I am wondering if there could be an option to just copy and paste one route onto another and just fill in the gaps between them and would save having to redo the map and all of the text. I think it might make it a lot more appealing to add routes and extended route ideas for cyclists??

Do's anyone else have anymore suggestions???

I think this site is a great resource and look forward to continuing route planning from it!!!

Marcus maximus

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Allterrainmbc 30 May 15:16  

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Have you used memory map you can plot your route on this and then when you have done another route you can join them together but as for GPX download on maps this would be hard, but on memory maps it might work...

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bloomp 01 Jun 12:46  

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Hi Mark,
I've seen some posts that suggest using a 3rd party route planner & then load it on here when done but, I plan my routes here so . . .
a) Once the basic route is planned / mapped out I go back and add detail - the software assumes I will do this "as i go" so adds all detail comment boxes to last point added to route - why not "last point clicked" ? I am adjusting to this one though :-)
b) Allow the save panel to be dragged so we can use magnify option normally covered by save panel once "SAVE" is chosen.
c) Have a "pending save" option so you can go eat and come back to finish planning the route later or even return after you have ridden the route to add more detail.
d) Have a delete option to request a route is removed - maybe you had it as difficulty 7 when you were unfit but have done it since & it is now a 3 so want to upload again with new comments.
e) Combine routes as you say Mark, maybe you want to have a complete route comprising 2 or 3 published adjacent routes. This one is not easy I suspect as each route is "individual".
f) Allow the person who submitted the route to edit and resubmit the route.

Crikey, you started me off there lol - used to be in IT programming - got carried away a bit - needless to say - this software ain't perfect but, once you understand its quirks, it's quite usable but as my reports once said "could do better" !

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happy 01 Jun 13:12  

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Hi guys,

I appreciate the suggestions. I will try my best to find sometime to do these for you.



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