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Cycle shoes! whats the difference?

sanderson 21 Nov 19:48  

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Hi all

Need some advice, at the moment, I am wearing my trainers when cycling, off road, but when changing gear, sometimes my foot slides off the peddle. What are the best shoes to buy/wear? and is there a different type depending if you ride off road or not?

Many thanks

thalbergmad 21 Nov 22:53  

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It might well be time to start looking at some clipless pedals, which are very much a personal thing.

Personally, I am most comfortable with Time Atac pedals for both road and off road. They have the added benefit that when I cop out on the hills, I can get off my bike and walk normally without looking like a penguin.

Clipless pedals will change your whole cycling experience.


BusterG 22 Nov 11:22  

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I would recommend SPDs if you are going clip-in route. A small percent of peeps dont get on with them but most do.
You can also get flat pedals that are knobblier and "sticker".

Depending on your you riding style and use. if you are leisure only and not bovvered about pushing it grippy flats are probably for you.
Clip-ins help to transfer power to the pedal easier and work on the upstroke too. they centre and anchor your feet to help stabilse your centre of gravity making it easier to push it and take on bumps without worrying about loosing the pedal.
Most people fall at least once coz they forget they are clipped and and dont twist the foot to release. I counted 3 falls before I "got it".

walking like a pengiun is great to strengthen your ankles too. :-)

Good luck.

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dudley 22 Nov 16:04  

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with SPD's you can get shoes that look and feel relatively 'normal', and can actually be worn without the penguin waddle.

At the other end of the spectrum are the hard-shell carbon road shoes that mean you would lose a walking race against an elderly penguin

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sanderson 24 Nov 00:37  

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Hi Guys

Thanks for your advice, but being new to all of this cycling stuff, whats the 'penguin' quip all about?

Yours confused


STID 24 Nov 01:09  

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Don't worry about it, not that important if you have never heard the saying.

Your best bet as with all these things is to go to a cycling shop, and talk with the experts about your needs.

You mentioned off road but is that up hill and down dale ?

Or nice flat tracks ?

Do a youtube search which sometimes can show in detail what you want to know.

When I was looking for a cycle trainer, youtube was the place I got all I needed to know.

Happy hunting

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Pesmo 24 Nov 01:32  

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I am in the group of people whom couldn't get on with SPD's or traditional clips. I simply use a very open pedal and a trainer with a really aggressive sole and the chunky blocks on the sole engage with the pedal so they rarely slip even when wet.

albion 25 Nov 17:51  

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I used trainers too though they were not great in the wet.
Rather than refit SPD pedals I bought some wide alloy MTB platform pedals.

The grip is amazing and I have now even switched to using wider lightweight hiking boots.

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Furby 29 Nov 10:07  

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Im a novice rider in both forms but went in head first and got SPD pedals and shoes for both bikes after taking advice from various places. And yes you do fall off but after a while you get used to using them and the benefit of transfer of power far outweighs a few falls. The mountainbike version are generally easier to get out out of and after half a dozen proper singletrack XC rides they are now a little looser. I would say give em a go, they work for me now!


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