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Sahar 02 Jul 23:17  

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So here is a bit about me. I'm Australian, 32, and my boyfriend is about to turn 30 and I'm organising for us to cycle to Paris. I don't have a bike yet and still working out the route so this is what I know so far.

There is a really good BBC article which provides a lot of information about the route. See the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-11447348 . The BBC article gives you links to map my ride and other sites which have links to the route. i have also found a great article written about The Dieppe end of the trip written by Donald Hirsh - see the link http://www.donaldhirsch.com/dieppeparis.html.

It seems that the english leg of the avenue verte goes through gatwick and avoids brighton. I am considering going via brighton. Any tips as to whether this is a better option? I have heard that this route is also shorter. I am going to do a practice ride to Brighton in a couple of weeks and think that it may be a good idea to do a route that I have already done before. I think National Cycle route 20 is the one to take to Brighton but I can't seem to load the cycle route from the sustrains website.

I am considering getting a GPS but cost is an issue so would appreciate any information about how to have a specific route. The route information is really difficult to determine unless you write out most of the route. Any tips?

I was initially considering getting a road bike but what I can tell from the route is there are parts on dirt tracks and country roads. I am wondering if I should get a hybrid instead which leans more towards a road bike. The people at evans recommended that I get a Specialised Sirrus http://www.evanscycles.com/products/specialized/sirrus-2011-hybrid-bike-ec023871?query=sirrus which is £350. I am wanting to spend less than that? Any other bikes that you can recommend? I looked at a few bikes at Decathlon today but they seemed much more buly although the road bike that they had for £300 seemed quite good.

I would appreciate any tips I can get.

Thanks so much


robbierunciman 03 Jul 23:10  

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This ferry runs at "stupid oclock" times. In April I took the night sailing and ended up in Dieppe at 03h30 and cycled for hours in the pitch dark along the coast - decided not to risk the avenue Vert at that time of day - which by all accounts is very good. I think the day sailing from Newhaven gets you to Dieppe at around 14h30, not really a good time to start on the avenue either (tho' Dieppe is worth a wander).

The next time I went from Portsmouth to Le Havre (routes posted on this site) and started at around 08h00, reaching near Rouen by 15h00, went to Vernon the next day and then Versailles. The Seine valley is brilliant. The Caux countryside in Haute Normandie can be a bit bleak, kind of intensive arable. valleys good though. swampy and tree rich.


I kept to the north bank south of Rouen. Vernon has a good art gallery and is close to Giverny where Claude Monet lived (get there early 09h30)

In England - the page you link to won't load: Why not avoid Brighton altogether - use the Worth valley way and Cuckoo trail to Halisham, use lanes to get to Alciston, via Seven Sisters and then over the hill to Seaford and Newhaven. I think there are a lot of B&Bs around and East Sussex is much nicer than Brighton.

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robbierunciman 03 Jul 23:14  

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I use an Edinburgh Bicycle Coop country explorer which is a strong rugged bike. They do mail order and are a social enterprise (all pluses in my book)


My Latest Route: Jan 2013 Foxton Locks From Corby


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