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Are cyclists just miserable in my area!

swalld 10 Dec 13:20  

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I used to run a fair bit and always passed comment with other runners when out and about. Having been told I'll need a hip replacement in the next few years (I am 37 now) I took up cycling and am really keen to get into it for fitness and socially. Whenever I pass a cyclist they barely acknowledge me. I know time to pass comment is shorter than when running but even a raised hand seems too much. Maybe its because I don't wear the racing club gear!
I live between Cambridge and St Neots - wonder if anyone else thinks the same or is this cycling etiquette?

krazykayaker 10 Dec 17:24  

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Some do and some dont !

Its usually just a quick raise of the hand or nod of the head round my me

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Stargazer 15 Dec 13:16  

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I'm generally gasping for breath so just a raised hand and a nod if I pass anyone else.

I ride a motorbike too, same happens, some do some don't.

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dudley 16 Dec 08:37  

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my experience is about 50 / 50

i always acknowledge other cyclists, even if just a nod or raised fingers

there's one chap that catches me regularly on my commute in the evenings.

He then sits on my wheel for 5 minutes to catch his breath, then blasts past and off into the distance - no nod, wave, acknowledgement, anything - ever.

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bazuti 20 Dec 23:57  

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It is the way of the world, I've done the lot; running, cycling, dog walking and there are some miserable perishers out there. Obviously not getting the best from the fresh air!!The loss is theirs not yours.

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C50 29 Dec 22:08  

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I'm new to the UK I haven't seen that many cyclist on the road. Maybe because it's cold and some of the back roads still have ice. Off-road cycling seem to be more popular than road. I still looking for a road cycling group to ride with and to get to know the roads.In Northern California most cyclist were polite and wave.

Demon 05 Jan 17:23  

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Yes there are some miserable bu**ers out there I always give a nod or wave to cyclists going in the oposite direction. If they are going in my direction and catch me up or I catch them up I'll try to have little chat before we part. I do get irritated by the wheel suckers that hang on for a rest then blast off without so much as simple greeting though, that's just rude!

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