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Anyone else have a sore a**e

mickyblue 05 Aug 22:09  

Joined: 04 Aug 2010

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Dunno if it's my weight or not but getting major pains in the bum and chaffing between the thighs.

Am very new to riding and hoping it will go away soon.

Any tips for combat would be great :)

Sussex_al 05 Aug 22:22  

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the delicate bit of cycling...
chamois cream is a way forward, I started riding a couple of months ago and use 'uddercream' and it works a treat, you can buy it from your lbs or from Wiggle
I have heard some wack a load on the pad in their shorts before the ride, I prefer applying to tender bits after a shower.

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dudley 06 Aug 07:15  

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wear proper shorts
use chamois cream
use the right saddle
ride regularly

your bum will get 'worn in' if you cycle regularly, and this will get rid of most of the pain (bruised feeling)
even the hardiest of cyclists get a sore a*se if they've been off the bike for a few weeks.

a common misconception is that a big comfy saddle with gel in it, or a gel cover will solve the problem.
It may alleviate the bruised sensation, but will exacerbate the chafing.

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mickyblue 15 Aug 22:50  

Joined: 04 Aug 2010

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thank guys, will go and look for that cream and ride more (only riding once or twice a week at the mo)

Aurum 16 Aug 14:02  

Joined: 18 Jun 2010

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I'm a new rider too and increased my weekend sessions lately and for the last 2 rides found that I needed to be riding out of the saddle more often than neccessary. Although I always wear padded cycling shorts (OK in the early days), the longer session times and mileage have taken their toll on the nether regions. Just saw this posting and have straight away ordered my tub of Assos from Wiggle. Thank goodness they have a quick delivery service. Oh.... and a great post Mickeyblue.

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London_Rick 18 Aug 08:18  

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In my experience the only way is to cycle regularly. This toughens up the tender bits and the pain deminishes the more you cycle. I have found that padded shorts can often make things worse as sometimes you can get a small crease in the padding which if sat on for long periods of time can make things very sore indeed. Ride often and toughen everything up and you won't even think about it after a while.

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Provene 27 Aug 13:17  

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Or take up horse riding! After years and years of the former the cycling isn't a problem. My nether bits must be as tough as saddle leather! In fact I frequently ditch the padded cycling shorts for my unpadded running shorts as I find the padding can pinch sometimes. I cycle 30 miles or so in these quite frquently.

Seriously though the tougher nether bits are the result of the same thing - constant contact.

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