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Another one of them newbies here

mart69 13 Nov 00:17  

Joined: 12 Nov 2011

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Ey up folks,I`m Martin,42,just got back into cycling very recently.Enjoying it,cycled alot when younger,but not done it for about 10 years.Getting back into it to loose weight,get fitter,commute to work and enjoy riding again.I dug the old bike out the back of the shed,washed,oiled and gave it abit of a sevice and bobs your uncle,on 2 wheels again.Its an old orange c-16r.
That was 3 weeks ago, My daily commute is 11 miles each way,1st week,did 2 days,(struggled)2nd week,3 days,anyhow,last week,the full 5 days,110 miles.Well proud of Myself.Its getting alot more easy,bums feeling better but My legs feel like they have taken a battering.Going to try and keep it up,the lads at work don`t think I will,but saving £20 a week on petrol,that gives Me insentive.
Well thats My story so far,,Hope to start riding for pleasure soon.
2 questions before I go,
1,do any of You ride all winter,I mean the snow,ice,,the lot..
2,does any of You use any of that protien mix stuff,theys a certain type that aids recovering muscles,(cos Mine are giving Me some jip at the momment.

cheers all,,Martin..

rustyspoke 13 Nov 15:10  

Joined: 28 Aug 2011

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Yes I ride all winter has to be really bad to stop me.
As for energy drinks and food stuff very rare that I use these, but watch what I eat very little red meat lots of fruit and veg, drink fruit juices which you can make yourself, porridge and honey and aviod processsed food at all cost.
As for your legs well if your not use to cycling it will take a bit to get a level of riding fitness, also it is probably a build up of latic acid in mussels.
Everyone has there onw ideas and ways just trial and error you will find what suits best good luck.

spaceman 13 Nov 20:12  

Joined: 16 Nov 2010

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Hi Martin,
Well done, I only commute March to end of October. Had too many near misses in the dark. 20 mile each way and I do 4 sometimes 5 days a week. I am the same, gets harder every day during the week. But I started to take an energy drink to take when I got to work as well as a banana and a cereal bar, this was my breakfast and seen to do the trick. But also the more you do it the better I seem to get to. I have a High 5 protein carb drink mix but only use it on longer runs.
I also used to have a Mars drink , but you will have to find what suits you.
Anyway good luck this winter.
br Dave

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mart69 13 Nov 22:56  

Joined: 12 Nov 2011

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Cheers Guys,
Yeh,legs feel alot better today,Back end of last week I started to take a pasta based salad,instead of my nornal sarnies.trying to carb up,and I saved a bananna for about 1 hour before the ride home.I suppose its just finding Your own personal best solution.Thanks for the advice.Happy cycling All.

woodowl 14 Nov 00:31  

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welcome mate, im just the same,never been on a bike for years before i took it up last year (mar 2010).
I"ve never looked back,i love it.

STID 14 Nov 21:07  

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The advice Rustyspokes has given will see you right completely.

For a drink why not make your own ?

Start with freshly squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of salt, sugar in the form of honey or maple, topped up with a fruit juice like ornage, grape, pomegranate or one you like. Try to get fresh juice's and not concentrated ones

You will find the more natural ingredients very refreshing cheap and it works.

Good luck

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mart69 15 Nov 20:25  

Joined: 12 Nov 2011

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Thank You all for the advice,I will act upon it.Didnt go on the bike yesterday,(went in the car)but went today,and will be for the rest of the week.Loving it.Legs feelling good.
One thing though,I thought more of My Fello cyclists would give the old nod,or just let on.I come from a motorcycling backround and 95% of us give the good old nod.One chap overtakes Me everymorning and He says hello,thats about it.I try and keep up with Him for a while,but no chance.He must be fit as a butchers dog...

cheers all........Martin


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