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cycling glasses any recomendations

chris dawes mad 07 Jul 19:07  

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Hi i am just about to buy some new cycling glasses could any one recommend a decent pair. preferably with interchangable lenses. thanks chris

tonythegreek 07 Jul 21:05  

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hi chris
i think it is a personal thing ie fashion looks etc
i have a pair of arnet ravens £70.00 arghh
but no good on dulldays
but i have heard that madisons are good as you get x3 lenses x1 smoke x1 yellow and x1 clear
all for around thirty quid

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Aurum 07 Jul 22:01  

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check out Amazon. I purchased a pair of Rayzor (Yellow Lens)cycling glasses a few weeks back. The recommended price £49:95. Amazon's price, less than £15 + postage. Really pleased with them as they are so light and give proper wrap around protection.

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dudley 07 Jul 22:49  

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got the 3 lens dhb set off wiggle for about £30, i think.

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chris dawes mad 08 Jul 07:54  

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thanks for your help.. there is so much out there and you never know how fragile they are till you get them. i will go for the raysor glasses. best regards chris

bloomp 08 Jul 14:37  

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I recently bought XLC Sri Lanka Sunglasses (3 lenses - clear, yellow, orange) at £17.99 on chainreactioncycles.com they are great.

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Rob500 08 Jul 19:08  

Joined: 08 Jul 2010

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Chris, It depends what you want to spend and how bothered you are about branding. I have a pair with three lens colours (black, yellow and clear) which I bought from Aldi for £2.99!!
Been using them for about a year with no problems. If you have a store near you, there is another bike accessory sale starting on Sunday. I'm looking to get some more!
The only thing with the glasses is that they tend to mist up when I stop moving. I don't know if more expensive ones do the same or not.

krazykayaker 08 Jul 19:35  

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Another vote for the Aldi ones from me!

Been using them about 6 months with no problems and would buy another pair

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mr.mole 08 Jul 21:16  

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I also bought the Aldi ones and once Id took the plastic stip from behind them, as my nose was to fat (lol) I could get them on, and they have been brilliant. I have 4 pairs which I love, the best ones i have bought were from gooutdoors, £18 they fit nice and even have air holes in the side to let the air in and not steam up. they did only come with one coloured lens though

fairweathercyclist 09 Jul 12:53  

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Pro-lite Rovigo from Ribble Cycles. 5 lenses, nice hard storage case around £20 excellent value!

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davediver 09 Jul 13:50  

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I angree with the comments regarding the Aldi glasses. I have a few pairs myself, one for cycling, one for wearing as sunny days and when there is an offer ususally buy a new pair and use the existing sun glasses for cycling.

At that price, if you loose them or break them then you have not lost anything and they perform well in my opinion.

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