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Petersfield south along A3

SisterKaff 26 Sep 14:19  

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Hello all,

I'm new on the forum and I'd appreciate some advice...

I'm planning to bike over to France in mid October, but since I'm not fabulously well seasoned yet, I'm reserving my main cycle for the journey from St Malo to north of Rennes (53 miles) where I'll be staying on holiday and recuperating.

The day before, I'm cycling from Abingdon to Reading to get the train south to Petersfield, then cycling on to Portsmouth - so if anyone can tell me what the A3 is like to cycle southbound from Pertersfield, I'd be very grateful - is it too risky for bikes or is there a sort of cycle path? etc. Of course I'd leave the road before it becomes a Motorway...

I already cycle 22 miles a day commuting, and Saturdays I cycle 45 miles and increasing. I did consider cycling all the way from Abingdon to Portsmouth, but I think that'll have to wait another time.

Many thanks, SisterKaff

Murray Barnes 28 Sep 01:10  

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Hey Sister Kaff,

Unfortunately I know nothing about the roads you're going to be cycling on, but before my first long distance trip I remember being really, really worried about being able to make the distance.

I did very little training whatsoever. About three weeks before, I went out and did a 45 mile run, then the next day tried to do another one and only managed 18 before giving up. However, when it came to the ride itself, we did 60 miles a day easily, and on one day managed 85. Just make sure you get enough sleep every night, and you should be fine.

Have a great trip though! I'm not at all jealous of you...


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SisterKaff 28 Sep 19:39  

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Hello Murray
Thanks for your encouragement, I'm looking forward to the route even if the weather's attrocious, I guess I'll learn a lot though!
Cheers, Kaff

happy 29 Sep 00:35  

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Hi SisterKaff,

Yeah i remember my big first long distance cycle. I had trained on and off doing the occasional 25 to 30 mile cycle at the weekend. I then went straight on to doing 50 miles a days for 10 days, and somehow we just managed. The worst part for me actually was by day 3 my saddle just seemed rock hard and nothing made it feel better.

So make sure you get a comfy seat lol.


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wills_home 03 Nov 20:30  

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I live near Petersfield and although a reasonably experienced cyclist would not ride on the A3, this turns into the A3M once past Petersfield onto Portsmouth.

There are some very nice B roads going through villages if you don't mind adding a few miles and hills to your route, have a look at a Map and plan to go through Buriton, Harting, Forestside, Havant and onto Portsmouth. Well worth the detour.


kingal86 23 Mar 00:17  

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I've cycled from Petersfield to Portsmouth. My route was the Causeway (Old A3) to the Buriton roundabout, up the edge of the A3 dual carriageway up a hill a few miles to Queen Elizabeth Country Park (unfortuently no cycle-path but a bit of room behing white line--be careful!!) then at QECP turn left, go under A3, up short bit of cyclepath to a hill leading (eventually) to Clanfield from where the A3 (not A3(M) motorway)--as London Rd/Portsmouth Rd--leads through the suburbs of Horndean and Cwplain to Waterlooville.

You can go on the edge of the road, though the pavement is quite empty. The busier roundabouts have pedestrian crossings and there's a bit of cyclepath into Waterloovile, then a underpass into a pedestrianised shopping precinct. The A3 from Waterlooville has a bus lane/cycle path up Portsdown Hill. You then go down Portsdown Hill into Cosham where there is a busy roundabout with the A27 dual carriageway with an underpass--or a bridge (looks like a road but is closed to cars) on the left near Highbury College--leading to Hilsea.

The A3 (Northern Parade) or London Rd and a right turn will take you to the continental ferry port (see a map of Portsmouth--the cars mostly go down the M275, an urban motorway).

I haven't been down Northern Parade, but on ndon Rd the pavements are full of pedestrians and the road may be too busy for some cyclists.

However, the cars are usually stuck in jams and rarely go much faster than a cyclist, so if you're used to traffic lights and carefull it's OK, and it only takes about 10' to get from Hilsea to Fratton nr the city centre and ferry port. I recommend using crossings rather than attempting right urns on this busy road.

Hope that helps! Of course you can just get the train to Portsmouth: from Reading you change at Guildford or Basingstoke/Winchester/Southampton. From Portsmouth&Southsea station it's right up the pedestrianised Corporation St to the northern, over a crossing, then up a cycle path past a petrol station signposted "Ferry point" in a few languages for about a mile or less.

Caroline 12 Apr 12:37  

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HI Sister Kaff,

I'm afraid I don't have any advice for you but I regularly travel Petersfield to Portsmouth by car and would at some point when I a bit more experienced with my cycling like to do the same route that your talking about. I'd like to hear how you get on, what route you decided on etc. Hope it goes really well!


PeterL 15 Apr 21:21  

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I cycle from Petersfield to work in Portsmouth. The best (safest / most direct) route is to join the A3 dual carriageway at the junction to the south of Petersfield and stay on it only until Queen Elizabeth Country Park (just under a mile). You then cross under the dual carriageway and head south, skirt east of East Meon, go through Horndean, back over the dual carriageway, and then follow the old A3 through Cowplain and Waterlooville directly into Portsmouth. It's pretty straightforward, and there are cycle lanes most of the way from Horndean.


FrankCole 06 May 14:21  

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I am trying to find a route from Clanfield to Petersfield, I went through the QE park and out into Buriton today but think there is a quicker route?