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New To Road Cycling At 44

Redtail 28 Aug 19:42  

Joined: 28 Aug 2012

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Hello All,
Having been a mountain biker for a few years, mainly riding up to four laps of Grafham Water in a session.
I always wanted a road bike, like l had as a teenager, But having ended up on crutches after an operation to fix my knee
after a power kitting fall. I found myself getting fat with a high BMI. This had to change l thought, and told myself that if l lost weight l
would reward myself with a new bike.
Now one year later , lm 44 and three stone lighter. lm still trying to loose a little bit more weight, but l could not wait any longer.
To cut this story down a bit. I now have a "Carrera Virtuoso Ltd " and in the first three weeks l have over 300 miles on the clock.
I have only just joined the "Cycle Route Website" and l must say, I really like the routes and tips posted on the site.
I will cycle some of them and give my feedback, If anyone of a similar age would like to meet up for a cycle, then get in touch.
So far lm a solo cyclist as lm not out to break any speed records, l tend to keep to quiet fen roads around Ramsey,
with my longest trip so far of 42 miles.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your bikes.