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Alternate to Route 1 from Huntstanton to Canterbury Any suggestions would be appreciated.

robert32asp 27 Jan 21:02  

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Not sure what forum to put this on. I am 68 year old male and last summer did the Camino de Santiago from Pamplona to Santiago. Trying to figure out where I want to ride a bike this summer. Looking at a self guided tour from Bristol to Hunstanton, but want a bit more road time after that. So thinking of going south to Canterbury to end my trip at a major cathedral like last year.

Route 1 appears to go where I want to go, but not sure it is the most scenic route nor what it is like going through the outskirts of London. There appear to be some alternatives south of Ipswich. Are there any ferryboats that get one to the south side of the River Thames so as to avoid London? If so, any suggestions for say Route 13 to Tilbury or East Tilbury? Or Route 16 to Southend-on-Sea?

Would prefer the flatter, more scenic, less industrial route. Then again, if Route 1 will be better maintains, well marked, relatively flat and have great accommodations along it, maybe I should just take it.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


robert32asp 01 Feb 20:58  

Joined: 27 Jan 2017

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Done a little more planning. I am not thinking of crossing the River Thames by the Tilbury to Gravensend ferry boat.

My current thoughts are:

Hunstanton Route 1 to Ipswich
Ipswich Route 1 to Chelmsford
Chelmsford to Rochester via Tilbury/Gravensend ferry

Rochester Route 1 to Canterbury

Any thoughts on better places to stop for the night, things to avoid? things to see? Different routes to take?